The Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 endeavours to provide access for all with as few barriers as possible. We want everyone to have the opportunity to take part in the festival, regardless of their individual abilities or needs.
We are aware that we are not yet able to cater for all needs. We want to learn and improve. Please let us know your wishes in this process.

Here you will find all information on the access offers during Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024.

An access sheet is also available for download, summarising all access offers as well as detailed information on the venues and their accessibility.

The information below will be updated and supplemented on an ongoing basis.
Service / Contact persons

If you have general questions or need assistance, please contact the Tanzplattform team at any time. Contact person: Madina Bierwirth
You can reach us at the following number: +49 1590 165 0660
or by email at:

During Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024, Tanzplattform staff will be on site daily from 09:30 – 16:00 in our festival centre in the Peterhofkeller. They will be happy to answer your questions, assist you or help you further, for example by accompanying you to venues or providing support in other matters.

If you need an accompaniment, please let the Tanzplattform team know up to 3 days in advance (see above for contact details).

Interpreters for German sign language will also be on site at the festival centre on three days to provide communication assistance if required:

Wednesday, 21.02.24 – Friday, 23.02.24, 13:00 – 14:30

Audio description (AD)

At our performances with audio description, the description of the visual events on stage is spoken live so that the audience can experience them through headphones. For the following performances, Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 offers a live audio description including a haptic touch tour.
The touch tour starts one hour before the performance begins.

Terminal Beach (22.02.24, 19:30, Theater Freiburg, Großes Haus)
Wetland (24.02.24, 15:00, E-Werk)*
Harmonia (25.02.24, 15:00, Art’Rhena)
Matters of Rhythm (25.02.24, 17:30, Theater im Marienbad)

The number of available headsets is limited. Please register in advance at the theatre box office at least 72 hours before the performance to reserve a headset.

*For technical reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to offer a tactile tour on stage for the performance of Wetland. However, there will still be an introduction in the foyer.

Interpretation into German Sign Language
The following events will be interpreted live by interpreters into German Sign Language (DGS)

Beginnings – Talk with the initiators of Tanzplattform Deutschland (21.02.2024, 15:00, Theater Freiburg, Winterer-Foyer)
Opening Ceremony (21.02.2024, 19:00, Theater Freiburg, Großes Haus)
Dance Across Triangular Borders, Day 1 – Dance Making across decolonizing perspectives (22.02.2024, 10:00, Literaturhaus Freiburg)
Pitching Session (23.02.2024, 20:30, Theater Freiburg – Kammerbühne)
Meet the Jury (25.02.2024, 13:00, Theater Freiburg, Winterer-Foyer)

Special seats are reserved for each of these events. Please contact the festival team (contact person: Madina Bierwirth) at or +49 1590 165 0660 at least 72 hours before the event if you would like to make use of these seats.


All performances of the following productions are offered with a translation in German or English:

A Plot / A Scandal (spoken language: English, written translation: German/English)
The Garden of Falling Sands (spoken languages: English/Spanish, surtitles: German/English)
Schwanensee in Sneakers (spoken language: German, surtitles: English)

Relaxed Performance (RP)

These events have a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The format is particularly suitable for visitors for whom sitting still for long periods is a barrier, for example people with dementia and their carers, people on the autism spectrum, people with Tourette’s, people with chronic pain or or or or …
There is free choice of seating, noises in the audience are expressly permitted and alternative seating (beanbags) is available.
The following performances are offered as Relaxed Performances with a Pre-Show Access (30 min before the performance):

Matters of Rhythm (23.02.24, 17:30, Theater im Marienbad)
Matters of Rhythm (24.02.24, 19:00, Theater im Marienbad)
Matters of Rhythm (25.02.24, 17:30, Theater im Marienbad)
Detailed information on the Relaxed Performance, Pre-Show Access and sensory triggers can be found on the show page.

Alternative Seating

Unfortunately, there are no beanbag seats available for the performances of A Plot / A Scandal and The Garden of Falling Sands.

****** UPDATE ******

Unfortunately, the barrier-free toilet in the M.A.K. Studios is currently out of order. Here you can find a list of public toilets in Freiburg city centre.