Find here the current printed programme of Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024

The Tanzplattform Deutschland sees itself as a forum for presenting current developments and innovative trends in contemporary dance in and from Germany. The version in 2024 shows a total of ten productions from the fields of dance and performance from the past two years.

The Tanzplattform was founded in 1994 by Nele Hertling, Walter Heun and Dieter Buroch and started by them as a trilogy in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. Since then it has taken place biennially in changing German cities and is awarded by the community of co-organisers, who determine the respective organiser and sponsor, in 2024 the Theater Freiburg. Thus, in its 16th edition, the festival will be hosted by a city theatre for the first time in its history and will also return to Baden-Württemberg for the first time in 18 years after being held in Stuttgart in 2006.

The community of co-organisers includes all those institutions that have hosted the Tanzplattform in recent years and that are actively involved in promoting contemporary dance in Germany:

euro-scene, Leipzig
HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin
HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste, Dresden
Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik, Hamburg
Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main
Tafelhalle im KunstKulturQuartier, Nürnberg
PACT Zollverein, Essen
tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf
Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Theater Freiburg
sowie die beiden Partner ITI Deutschland und Goethe-Institut

Awareness at
Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024

What does Awareness mean for us?
For five intense days, Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 brings together people from all over the world, with a wide range of social backgrounds, opinions and experiences. For us it is important to create an atmosphere of respect and mindfulness in which networks and alliances can emerge and be expanded. And so, for us Awareness constitutes exploring respectful ways of communication with one another and addressing any forms of discrimination or unwanted behaviour.

We want the festival spaces to create a place for collective discussion, care and non-violent debate without claiming conformity or homogeneity – which requires active work against discrimination as well as reflection on the fact that we are all entangled in the prevailing structures in different ways.

As a festival team, we are aware that we have a special duty of care. At the same time, we want to make it possible to shape the festival spaces together, seeing our visitors as co-responsible and contributors to this respectful atmosphere, and thus ensuring that they can become safer spaces for everyone.

Discrimination takes place on a structural, individual and institutional level. Our principles are intended to prevent and avoid discrimination and transgressions. They are not intended to prescribe behaviour that conforms to the rules or a certain demeanour that would nip any form of lively discussion in the bud. However, it is important for us to clearly state the limits of unacceptable behaviour. These you can find in our Code of Conduct below.

Awareness Information Point @ Theater Freiburg and Telephone Shifts
On all five festival days, from 4 to 6 pm, you will find an awareness information point in the Steinfoyer of the Theater Freiburg. If you come through the main entrance, you will find it on the right-hand side on the balcony, marked by a sign on the railing. Two external awareness team members, who are part of the Freiburg a*team network, will be on site at these times to look after the information point. You can approach them with any questions or concerns. If you need a moment of retreat, they will accompany you to a quiet place.

The awareness team will also be available by telephone on all festival days from 2pm to 8pm at the following number: +49 (0) 15142070803

At the festival party – Club Unique – in the M.A.K. Studios on Saturday, 24th February, you will also find an awareness team on site.

If you were subjected to abuse or violent acts (which also include verbal acts), if you want support, need to talk, want or need to withdraw without being alone, you can contact our Awareness Team. In this process, the affected person defines where the abuse begins and where it ends. We therefore do not question that the person has experienced a situation in which his or her boundary was crossed.

We would like to point out that, although the Awareness Team is trained and sensitised, it does not have experience or inexhaustible knowledge of all topics relevant to discrimination – the team however combines diverse perspectives, expertise and own life experiences. If necessary, we will provide you with contact details to those with expertise in relation to your needs.
Awareness as a Process
We understand Awareness and our confrontation with discrimination as a process in which we question our actions and privileges. Since this is a process that the Team of Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 at Theater Freiburg cannot and does not want to go alone, we have been in exchange with the participating artists and panelists, as well as sought support through conversations with members of the Awareness Institute and a*team Freiburg.

In providing an awareness team, we strive to prevent and avoid violent behaviour. We also endeavour to act preventively and responsibly in general.

Code of Conduct

Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 welcomes all local, national and international visitors. It is looking forward to welcoming a broad spectrum of guests from a wide range of backgrounds, opinions and ways of life. Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 is committed to providing a safe, harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion or ideology, political beliefs, disability, age, marital status, sexual identity or orientation or social background. Together with the invited artists, guests and the audience, we want to create an appreciative atmosphere that is characterised by tolerance, inclusion and mindful and respectful interaction.

We therefore reject all forms of discrimination and violence and are committed to taking active and preventative action against all forms of discrimination. We are committed to encouraging the artistic, technical and administrative production teams of the festival, our cooperation partners, guests and our audience to always contribute to a culture and atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance in a spirit of solidarity. Neither at our events nor on social media or other communication channels do we tolerate forms of harassment, whether physical, verbal or written.

Individual boundaries must be respected at all times. In the event of abusive or discriminatory behaviour, we reserve the right to impose sanctions up to and including exclusion from our events or criminal charges (e.g. for violation of the AGG). We are committed to investigating every case of discrimination reported to us and taking consistent action.

In addition, Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 is endeavouring to establish an awareness structure in which persons of trust are appointed who are qualified in anti-discrimination work and to whom those affected can turn. Current information will be communicated on this page.

The Code of Conduct of Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 is based on the Code of Conduct of the Deutsche Bühnenverein.